Aberlour A’Bunadh

Aged: 100% sherry, no age statement

Colour: deep stripped mahogany

Strength: cask strength and varies fractionally from one batch to another. Ours was 59.7%

Price bracket: £35 – £40

Best for: impressing groupies backstage at rock concerts

Nose: big and fruity, super rich marmalade, ripe plums, figs, red apples, whiffs of smoke, zest and sweet sherry

Taste: chocolate-coated cherries from the sherry into sweet cinnamon spice, peppery honey after taste with a long, slightly smoky finish. Eminently chewable.

Verdict: age worshippers will turn their noses up at this leaving more for the rest of us which is a result as it is a real classy kicker of a dram. At cask strength water is recommended, especially if you’re driving, but however you take it this is sweet and smooth high roller with a mind to party and plenty of interesting conversation to stimulate the senses. Can’t match an ancient drop for overall flavour dimensions, but for under £40 a bottle it has an incredible go.

PS: rumours A’Bunadh means ‘dangerous’ in Japanese are amusing but, unltimately, cobblers. For the record, the Japanese for dangerous is 危険. See, nothing like A’Bunadh.

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