Ardbeg Blasda

A light-coloured whisky in a clear bottle? Unusual indeed

Aged: no age statement

Colour: light gold, like a dry white wine

Strength: 40%

Price bracket: £45 – £50

Best for: delicately easing your way into peaty waters

Nose: floral with citrus, summer fruits and peaches as well as a touch of mint and fresh pines. Smoke hovering in background

Taste: starts creamy with classic hints of coffee and liquorice as the peat rears its head. Lemons and limes then drop in before a waft of coffee finishes things off nicely

Verdict: this may be Ardbeg Lite but Blasda’s still packing plenty of flavoursome fun into its mild peat package

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Buy Ardbeg Blasda Scotch whisky from:

Master of Malt

The Drink Shop


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