Ardbeg Uigedail

Uigedail: unpronounceable, and that’s before you’ve drunk any

Aged: no age statement, bourbon/sherry marriage

Colour: burnished gold

Strength: 54.2%

Price bracket: £45 – £50

Best for: when you need something to chew on

Nose: pine freshness mixed with plenty of peat, linseed oil and toffee

Taste: early rich fruits give way to smoke, wet roads and autumn leaves in the middle, fading very pleasantly indeed to toffee mingling with liquorice at the end

Add water and it’s like a day of rain has brought the smoke out even more. Like a damp peaty bonfire. The whisky doesn’t lose any of its edge, but flavour opens right out

Verdict: fifty quid for this much flavour? Unbelievable

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Buy Ardbeg Uigedail Scotch whisky from:

Master of Malt

The Whisky Exchange

Whisky Online


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