Bruichladdich Octomore

Aged: three years

Colour: we were too busy wallowing in the peat to notice

Strength: 62.5%

Price bracket: around £80

Best for: the biggest peat blast this side of leaping into a kiln

Nose: peat, heather, peat, lemon, more peat, barley, peat again, and on the merry olfactory dance rolls

Taste: wham, and it hits you. Peat, sour, warming, going sour again with lines of sea, seaweed, peat, ginger and tailing off long and slow as you finally manage to pick your jaw up off the gound

Verdict: the most heavily peated whisky in the world. The Phaal of whiskies if you will, but not bad for it. Just brace yourself and prepare for the experience and you’ll find depths in there you never knew existed. Just don’t give it to anyone who’s never had whisky before as they may go into shock, or worse

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