But I don’t like whisky…


For every person who loves whisky there are another two who would prefer to drink bleach than touch it ever again. After all, whisky’s pretty strong stuff and it can attract some decidedly odd disciples.

But if you fall into the ‘bleach over whisky’ camp the big question is, why don’t you like whisky. Now bear with us here.

See, if it’s because you’ve tried it and hate it then that’s a pretty fair call.

If however it’s because you took yourself to the cleaners by drinking a bottle of Old MacBastard’s Blended Muck in one at a party when you were fifteen before decorating the inside of your dad’s new car with it on the way home, then perhaps it’s time to take another swing at the whisky world.

Because to say you don’t like whisky on the basis of that kind of experience is a bit like saying you don’t like books because you read one once and it was rubbish.

You can get a feel for the kind of whiskies you might like by checking out our whisky regions guide, or our whisky tasting guide. Alternatively you could start with some of our recommended favourites, or you could just pile into the tasting notes via the search bar on the every page and see what takes your fancy.

And if you still hate whisky after all this, well, you’re clearly a clueless heathen who’s beyond help although you can’t say we didn’t try.