Glenmorangie 21 year old

Getting a sneak preview of the as yet unreleased Glenmorangie 21 year old

Aged: 10 years in Bourbon casks, followed by 11 in port

Colour: ruby red with underlying hints of dark brown

Strength: 58%

Best for: keeping in the safe, only to be brought out when something very special happens, like your first born being called up to play for England

Nose: super rich, soft with deep fruits at the back, a hint of port, dark chocolate, brambles, hedge fruits, and rich marmalade

Taste: va va voom! A booming, rich, sweet symphony. Dark chocolate, luxurious hedge fruits in a hot pudding, delectable orange marmalade, incredibly big in the mouth

Verdict: we were given a sneak preview of this one straight from the cask and it’s a wondrous dram which the distillery haven’t yet decided what to do with. Most likely it will go out at full cask strength and let’s pray to God this happens because if it does it will be worth selling your granny to get hold of some.

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