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As the web’s most comprehensive whisky resource with over 30 distilleries worth of material gleaned from some serious time spent touring distilleries, sampling their wares and picking the best brains in the business, Ultimatescotchwhisky aims to make your journey into the world of single malt whisky as effortlessly enjoyable as possible.

You’ll find a huge amount of whisky knowledge in our imaginatively-named ‘whisky knowledge‘ section. The link’s on the main menu at the top of every page.

You can browse whiskies either by region, by specific distillery, or even by specific whisky using the three dropdown menus on the righthand side of any page, or by searching directly using the ‘search whisky’ bar above.

Each whisky and distillery has its own page, and if you want to pick some up or check prices you’ll find direct links on each page taking you to the exact whisky or distillery range you were looking at on a selection of recommended online retailers.

So dig in, enjoy, and if there’s anything we’ve missed or you have suggestions you can fire them to us at Alternatively, drop us a tweet or a message on Facebook – links are at the top of every page.


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