Old Pulteney 21 year old

This is the world’s best whisky, according to Jim Murray’s 2012 Whisky Bible. Given we’re still in 2011, is Murray a time traveller? Does this make it ‘best whisky of the future’ as well? Is it even a real bible? So many questions!

Aged: 21 years, bourbon

Colour: tropical sunset

Strength: 46%

Best for: wallowing in wantonly by the window while taunting the poor folks who couldn’t get any and are now thronged outside in the hope of even a sniff of what has fast become a very rare whisky since it won world’s best whisky about five minutes ago

Nose: genuinely epic. Plums, dates, bananas frying in butter with brown sugar and a hint of perfume at the back. With water, banana eases like its been pureed and served with a hot creamy vanilla custard

Taste: adrift of the nose by a fraction if we’re being picky, but otherwise a rolling, shape-shifting multi-faceted sweet delight. We understand Murray’s excitement. If we were him we’d have kept schtum about how good it is and quietly got on with buying up a lifetime’s supply. You’ll get one bottle at most now, if you’re lucky!

Verdict: might fine indeed, may incite riots as supplies dwindle…

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