What is the best glass for tasting whisky?


Whenever Sean Connery, Dean Martin, Humphrey Bogart or any other legends you care to mention pour themselves a slug of whisky, it’s invariably into a big fat tumbler made of heavy crystal. This after all is the satisfying symbol of having arrived, and it’s also become the expected glass for whisky. Stop in at any posh store, ask for whisky glasses, and this is what you’ll be shown.

But this is far from the ideal whisky tasting glass because while it’s satisfying in the hand and suits almost any fine fireside whisky moment to a tee, the big old tumbler, no matter how pricey, is letting far too much of your whisky’s aromas and tastes get away from you. The bigger the tumbler, the worse the problem, until you might as well be drinking your Scotch out of a bucket. Not ideal.

When it comes to really tasting whisky, what you need is a squat glass flute with a solid base. The base lets you hold the whisky without your hand warming it as your hand never contacts the part of the glass the whisky is in. The bowled bottom of the flute lets your whisky swill around pleasingly and release its secrets, while the narrowing fluted nose then channels these smells and tastes to your waiting nose or mouth. Spot on.

You can buy some from the Whisky Exchange if you can’t be arsed looking around the shops for them. Whisky Online have them too.